our portfolio



SpiceNerds - Yummy organic vegetable- and salad-dressings and toppings

Der gepflegte Mann - Online Shop for high quality men's care products





NEOH - New CrossBar with the nutritional value of a protein bar

Spotted - Innovative App that helps you connect with people you met in real life or share interests with



Veganz - Completely plant-based food of different kinds for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle


Nero - The world's only Bio-certified and 100% sustainable barbecue charcoal



Instahelp - Psychological online-support in real time, thereby offering a complement to the existing counselling system



Pechkeks - Gadgets & "fortune" cookies with humoristic messages


Parodont - Innovative gel for gum care and toothpaste based on black caraway oil




Pumpkin Organics - Healthy vegetable pouches for babies with solely organic ingredients


Buckle & Seam - Special personalized leather bags, purses and accessories

Merula - Menstrual cup made out of 100% medical-grade silicone


Acáo -  Fruity
energy drinks on natural basis and high protein soups

Shape me - Online marketplace specialized in shapewar products


Her1 - Natural supplements with botanical nutrients to nourish your beauty from inside out

Ahead - High performance supplements for high performing people


Tantrum - Fruity energy lemonade with different flavors and coffeine

Lemonswan - Online dating platform with revolutionary matching algorithm based on recent scientific insights



Strong - Fitness cosmetics for female athletes and active women

Spot-a-Shop - Metasearch platform for discounted fashion products


Smicies - Snacks with different tasty and spicy flavors

Carsale24 - Online vehicle trading platform with special customer-convenient approach


Morotai - Aesthetic and functional sport apparel and accessories

Playbrush - Innovative toothbrush teaching children brushing teeth in a playful way with combined software



Zinsbaustein - Crowd

investing platform for real estate investments

Lycka - Ice cream,

power bars, coffee – 100% natural food and social projects for a better world

Trinkkost - Fruit powder for weight loss shake with

BIO certification



Clinc - App for automated saving and investments

Filip Lenz - Online shop

for mattresses and bedding

MyCouchbox - Subscription model for sweets and snacks

frooggies - 100% natural freeze-dried fruit powder for

yogurts, mueslis, smoothies and more





Creatisto - Platform for wall and furniture decorations



Joidy - Mobile gifting solution with personalized messages

Catchys - Metasearch engine for designer deals and vintage goods


Valendo - Online asset-backed lending platform




123 Makler - Real estate broker marketplace and comparison platform


Jim Drive - Auto service protection and mobility guarantee (ADAC 2.0)

Meine Spielzeugkiste - Subscription flatrate offering for toys




KUKIMI - Convenient and healthy diet program with delivery of ready-made sous-vide dishes

Foodist - Monthly subscription model for food delicacies and healthy products with additional online shop and retail offering



TripRebel - Hotel booking platform with ongoing price guarantee

fairr.de - Transparent online retirement and pensions savings solutions ("Riester-" and "Rürup"-Renten with ETFs)


Clark - Online insurance broker and advisor


SpringTab - A digital tool for auto-personalized content publishing



Asana Rebel - Yoga

inspired fitness – High quality workout sessions with state of the art videos

and content around training




Layoutfabrik - Platform for online design & print - offering both services in one package

Kaputt.de - Platform for broken electronic devices with three repair options



Pablo & Paul - Multi-channel shop for exclusive and affordable artworks



Ekoio - Accessory and app to connect any car’s onboard computer and engine data to your smartphone


Eurosender - Platform for international door-to-door shipping of parcels and luggage



HelloCare - Booking platform for on-demand home care services


Flairelle - Online shop for wedding decorations and gift ideas


SecureBeam - Data security and aggregation service for cloud offerings


Jaimie Jacobs -

Premium handmade quality wallets and leather accessories with innovative features



myonbelle - Clothing & accessories flatrate for females

Photocircle - Shop for fine art photography, photo printing with donations to charities



Veeplay - Video player with advanced ad functions for iOS & Android



Media4Care - Multimedia therapy and entertainment for people with cognitive dysfunctions


Little Postman - App push notification management and app CRM system




videostream360 - 360° videostreaming software



Eyeglass24 - Online re-glazing shop


tvib - Cross-media analytics/Second Screen targeting



Jurato - Online market place for legal advice


Kinematics - Modular robotics toy system



MyRadioDay - Personalized info radio program


Ampido - Market place for parking slots



Dreama TV - Online television network



moosify - Music discovery & dating app


Tickethelden - Last-minute ticketing app


Get2Play - E-learning platform for music



Talentry - Social recruiting enterprise software